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Ordlista: Plugga på din Scouse English

Bild till nyheten

Scousers är stolta, skojfriska och älskar sin fotboll.
Dialekten kan dock tyckas obegriplig för ett otränat öra.
Så i väntan på att vi någon dag i framtiden kan resa tillbaka till staden vi älskar har LFC.se sammanställt en parlör över slangspråket. Ta-ra, mate!


aah-eh – not fair!

ace! – well done! Exempel: all right ace

ackers – cash

ahr – our

allus – always

arrers – darts

arse – homosexuell

auld fella – man

axe – ask, Exempel: dunno, don´t axe me


bags – lots

bail out – leave

baltic – freezin cold

barney – argument

beaut – stupid

bells – o´clock. Exempel: see you at seven bells

bender – 1) prolonged drinking session 2) suspended jail sentence

bent – stolen property, disreputable

berd – girl, woman

bevvy – beer eller alcoholic drink

bevvied – drunk

bewk – book

bezzie – best mate

bezzies – best clothes

biddy – old woman

bifta – cigarette

binnie – household refuce collector

bint – se berd

bird – woman, girl

bizzie – police officer

blag – fake

blind – not the slightest. Exempel: he never took a blind bit of notice

blind scouse – meatless stew (se Scouse)

blitzed – drunk

blow – take a break from work

bluey – five pound note (se Film)

bobbin – unauthorised time off work

boss! – marvellous!

Bootle buck – hard-faced biddy

boozer – pub

box – 1) vagina 2) mental

boxed – pregnant

brassic – whitout money, no pennies

buggeroo – naughty boy

butty – sandwich


cat – goalkeeper. Exempel: top cat = good goalkeeper

can´t half – really good. Exempel: can´t half play footy

catlick – 1) Roman Catholic 2) a light wash

chemicked – drunk

chippy – fish and chip shop

chokka – full

choss – chaos

chuck – food

chuffed – happy

ciggie – cigarette

clever – healthy. Exempel: I´m not feelin' too clever

cob on – to be angry, agitated, or irritated

college pud – student

cop shop – police station

corpy – Liverpool City Council

cozzie – swimsuit

crack – good time

cracker! – great!

crack on – recognise

creased – tired

Crimbo – Christmas


dairty – filthy

dale – they will. Exempel: dale do dat

damage – cost, price

darrell – that will. Exempel: darrel do

dat – that

dead – very. Exempel. dead' andy? convenient. dead 'andsome = good-looking. dead ringer/dead spit = exactly alike

deffo – definitely

dekko – look

dem – those

dick – detective

diddy – small

dig out – clean. Exempel: gotta dig out me gaff

divvy – stupid

do one – run away

doodle – easy. Exempel: it´s a doddle. 2: that will do. doddle do okay

dodgy – 1) risky 2) suspect goods

doins – (se thinghy)

doll – girl, woman

dolled upp – overdressed

done up – overdressed

dozey – stupid

duff – 1) defective. Exempel: duff telly. 2) pregnant. Exempel: I´m up the duff, doctor

dur – there

dursent – dare not


ere! – excuse me!

eorta – he really should...


feller – husband

fetch – bring

filth – police

flim – five pund note

footy – football

frisby – lesbian


gaff – home, house, residence

gaffer – boss, foreman

gaffless – homeless

gear! – marvellous!

gear – illegal drugs

ghost – accompanying a workmate and watching him vork, but doing nothing oneself

giggs – sunglasses

gimme – give me. Exempel: gimme a ciggy

gob – 1) mouth 2) to spit

goolies – testicles

goosegog – gooseberry

gorra – overdressed

goosed – exhausted

gozzie – 1) squinty eyes 2) contraceptives

graft – work

grass – inform, informer

grotty – squalid


hold on! – wait a moment!

hooter – nose


iddle – it will. Exempel: iddle do dat


jack – detective

jar – glass of beer

jarg – fake designer clothes

jerry – chamber pot

jew – do you. Exempel: jew wanna ciggie?

jigger– back alley

judy – girl, woman

jockey – driver


kaylied – drunk

kid – brother (usually the younger one, but sometimes it can be the older brother, and occasionally, the sister)

kidda – more affectionate term for the above

Kirkby kiss – headbutt


la – lad. Exempel: alright la?

la la – Scouser with a pronounced accent.

lamp – 1) strike hard 2) surreptitiously watch

lanny – Mersey ferry landing stage

lavvy – toilet

lecky – electricty. Exempel: lecky man = meter reader. lecky board = electricity company

left-footer – Roman Catholic

leg it – run very quickly, usually in order to escape from someone

lemme – permet me

lennus – loan me

lezzie – lesbian

like – equivalent of "you know"

lolly ice – ice cream

loosie – the odd cigarette

lorra – large amount. Exempel: gorra lorra money

lushed – hopelessly drunk


made up – pleased

mam – mother

mate – sir, lad, friend (this has now replaced the obsolete 'wack', 'wacker' and 'mush' as a greeting)

marmalise – beat up

mennal – insane

merry – slightly drunk

miladdo! – my old friend! (not always in a friendly tone)

milkie – milkman

mingy – mean, stingy

mitts – hands

mobie – mobile phone

moggy – cat

mouth! – you´re talking too much!

muppet – stupid, idiot

mush – mate (now obsolete)


nan – grandmother (sometimes pronounced 'nin')

nick – versatile noun or verb, meaning: 1) arrest 2) steal 3) prison 4) police station

nicker – pound

Nitty Nora – school nurse

nits – lice

nix – nothing

nouse – intelligence

nut – se Kirkby Kiss

nuts – testicles

nutt'n – nothing


oavy – overtime

on top! – out of order!

oodles – large amount

oojah – se Thinghy

outer – out of. Exempel: outer work

owl – older person

ozzy – hospital


pairm – hairdo

palatick – helplessly drunk

petty – toilet (outside)

plazzy – fake

Plazzy scouser – anyone from Wirrall, Kirkby, Runcorn etc

Prod – Protestant (plural: Proddies)


queen – term of endearment for female

queenie – homosexual

queer – stranger. Exempel: who´s that queer feller?


redneck – Roman Catholic

rennie – rent collector

rob – steal

rozzer – policeman

ropy – doubtful quality

rotten – very drunk

runs – diarrhoea


sanny – environmental health inspector

sarney – sandwich

scally – rogue (in the sense of loveable rogue)

scarper – run away

Scouse – 1) type of meat stew 2) dialect spoken in Liverpool 3) inhabitant of Liverpool

Scouser – alternative for 3

scoff – food

sconner – lad, man

scram – food

scuffer – policeman

screw – burgle

shirtlifter – homosexual

short-arse – small

shtum! – shut up!

sit off – do nothing

skinny – (se mingy)

skinny ma link – thin

skint – out of money

slog – work. Exempel: hard slog ére mate

slummie – small change

smart – good health

sniff – inform on welfare cheats

snitch – steal

sock robber – person from a disreputable district

soft ollie – stupid

sowsh – socil security

sound! – excellent!

spaceman – stupid

spaced out – high on drugs

sparrer legs – thin legs

stoned – high on drugs

stash – 1) hide 2) hidden goods, usually stolen

straight (up) – honest. Exempel: straight, I didn´t do it

straightener – fight

sunnies – sunglasses

sup – drink

sussed – found out

sussies – suspenders (now a rare sight, even down at the docks)

swipe – steal


ta – thanks

tabs – drugs

talent – attractive male or female

ta-ra – goodbye

tattyhead – you

tear-arse – uncontrollable

tip – municipal rubbish dump

tizzie – over-excited

thingy – any person, place or object which does not immediatley spring to mind

tod – alone

togga – football

tosh – mate

tottie – girl, women

took – spoken for

trabs – see trainees

trackies – tracksuit bottoms

trainees – trainers

two dogs fight'n – Huyton (stadsdel i Liverpool)


ullo – how are you?

us – me


wack – mate

wacker – 1) mate 2) humorous character

wanna – would like to

wayo! – just a moment!

well away – becoming drunk

wet nellie – cake

whip – steal

whooper – stupid

wild – diarrhoea

woollyback – someone who isn't a Scouser

worra – what. Exempel: worra lorra money

worral – what will. Exempel: worral 'appen?

wrecked – drunk


yer – you

yer wha'? – pardon?

yew – you (accusingly)

yews – as above, plural

yerrokay! – for God´s sake, shut up!


zarrafact? – I don't believe you

Berömda talesätt  

Sling yer hook – Resign, clear off

On me hook – out of work

Golden nugget – Sunday overtime

Easy six – se golden nugget

Blowing for tugs – panting, out of breath

Under the lamp – Paid less than the rate for the job

Nervous balloon – The foreman who constantly appeals, 'Don't let me down, lads'

Diesel fitter – The worker who keeps saying; "Diesel fit this' or 'Diesel fit that'

Fog horn – Big mouth

Gary Ablett – Normally shortened to 'Gary', a prevalent slang for 'tablet', specifically ecstasy tablets

Good shepherd – Checker who always sends to many sheep into his wagon

Guy Fawkes – Someone who always says: 'This place needs blowing up'

Merry Christmas – Always saying; 'Many of 'em'

Stanley Matthews – When lifting a packing case, a worker who always says; 'I´ll take this corner'

Surgeon – A good grafter

Tired solicitor – Always asleep on a packing case

Torchy – A worker who always steals batteries

Weightlifter – Docker who waits while somebody else lifts the packing case

Wonder boy – Always saying; 'I wonder what´s in this case?'

Källa: Fred Fazkerley (Abson Books), Echo m fl